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From the start up the company has been able to operate from a strong precision engineering background. This has now manifested itself into a class leading Sub Contract company able to operate successfully in various types of industry offering the very best solutions which provide a high quality end product to the customer.

The investment in high quality machine tools and IT along with robotic/unmanned production capability ensures cost effective high quality solution every time.

The company now operates out of its own 1600 square metre premises. The building includes purpose built inspection, finishing, surface coating, production planning and meeting rooms.

Since the formation the company has invested heavily in capital equipment, associated small tooling/equipment and IT. The total investment currently totals £4,000,000 with a workforce of 36. Emphasis has been put on staff training along with the intent to employ the best possible available personnel.

The production engineering office employs highly skilled engineers which enable the company to successfully operate the most testing precision engineering environment.

Many thanks to Contract Solutions Scotland Ltd, who have emergency engineered custom made parts to get the Scottish Tourer MK2 running for the Jim Clark rally.



Contract Solutions Team

Contract Solutions have invested heavily in highly skilled personnel, with extensive knowledge and experience in the aerospace, defence, medical, oil and gas, telecommunication and motorsport sectors. We employ six dedicated highly skilled finishing technicians with an excellent eye for detail, ensuring quality is maintained throughout.

Robert Duncan - Managing Director

Robert is Founder and Managing Director of Contract Solutions. He is responsible for Contract Solutions worldwide strategy, business processes, and overall continuous improvement for the precision engineering company though his very hands-on approach. Prior to founding Contract Solutions Scotland Ltd, Robert was Managing Director of a contracting business, managing contracts in agriculture, building, horticulture and golf course maintenance. Robert has strong business ties in an agricultural company SAS Polska based in Poland. Robert also devoted a lot of his spare time to Motorcycle Racing (a sport enjoyed by both his sons), securing large sponsorship deals and organising large events such as the Scottish and British motocross championships, which ran with great success, increasing the profile of the sport in Scotland. Robert was also chairman of Scottish Auto Cycle Union (SACU) for many years.

Graeme Duncan - Operations Manager

As Operations Manager, Graeme is responsible for the company’s day-to-day operating activities on the shop floor. Managing our team of highly-skilled precision engineers, Graeme oversees all production as well as being involved in setting and operating. Graeme also has a key role in the scheduling and quoting process, ensuring produces are cost effective, on-time and most importantly meeting the quality standards expected. Graeme has over 24 years of experience in precision engineering, His experience comprises of most machining processes including CNC milling, CNC turning, CNC programming, 5 axis machining, tool-making and surface grinding.

Jamie Duncan - Production and Quality Manager

As Production and Quality Manager, Jamie is responsible for overseeing the production process, drawing up production schedules, ensuring production is cost effective, on-time and quality is maintained, working out human and material resources, estimating costs and setting quality standards. Along with this Jamie is also responsible for programming all parts for the CNC machining centres. With over 16 years experience in precision engineering, Jamie has a wealth of expertise in CAD/CAM, CNC turning, CNC Milling, CNC programming, 5 axis machining, tool making and surface grinding. Graeme and Jamie both competed in motorcycle racing from a young age, winning over 10 championship titles between them. Taking their competitive nature with them when setting up their own business, both ensure Contract Solutions is one of the best precision engineering companies in the business.