CSS - Telecommunications Telecommunications is one of the most dynamic industry sectors today and with Contract Solutions leading in the manufacture of coaxial and waveguide components, you can be assured that we can meet your needs in this industry. Using highly accurate 5 axis CNC machines we have honed our techniques over the past few years allowing us to produce some of the most advanced telecommunication components available in this industry to date…read more
CSS-Oil-rig2 Contract Solutions understands the needs of the oil and gas sector and knows rapid turnaround time and tight deadlines outline this industry. With every evolving shop floor we will increase our presence while still insuring our quality and on time delivery. Located just 60 minutes from one of the hubs of the world’s oil industry and surrounded with a chain of accredited suppliers which aids the manufacture and delivery of critical components into this huge sector…read more
CSS Aerospace Contract Solutions specialises in CNC precision engineering for the aerospace industry. Our principle specialty is the machining of prototype, low and medium batch quantities for engine systems, undercarriage actuation, pneumatic weapon ejection, thermal imaging, missile seeker cooling, satellite cryogenic cooling & propulsion systems. Many of these components are part of critical no-fail assemblies which means full inspection and zero fault delivery…read more
CSS - Defence Contract solutions have experience with the CNC machining of components for defence applications including missile guiding systems, mine clearance and critical radar components. Defence applications typically require stringent tolerances and tight deadlines for which we are well known. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and ability to deliver on time, especially for urgent operational requirements and other projects that require rapid-turnaround of parts…read more
CSS-Medical2 The exacting nature of the medical industry presents special challenges to any precision machined component supplier and we have risen to that challenge. Working for one of the world’s leading providers in prosthetic technologies, Contract Solutions are able to provide constant supply of precision CNC machined parts on time and to suit the needs of this rapidly growing industry. Contract Solutions also supply into animal health and veterinary applications…read more
CSS- Motorsports2 With a personal interest in this sector, we fully understand the demands of the motorsport industry, where precision engineered components can make a real difference to the success or failure of vehicles being pushed to their limits. All components are machined and inspected to the 3D CAD data provided. In this sector, accuracy, quality and attention to detail are of paramount importance. Which is why we never stop striving to give our customers pole position….read more